Obscure Spanish Grape for the win!

I wasn’t planning on posting today, but have to rave about this delicious organic wine from Mas Foraster in Spain!

Made with 100% Trepat, a grape that is indigenous to North Eastern Spain, but i2017-02-27-22-10-24s typically used for cava, Mas Foraster is one of only TWO producers to use this grape for RED wine!

I am looooving this wine!  Super delicate, with notes of red fruit, cherry, and white pepper the wine is high in acid (which is why I like it!) and with minerality from the clay-limestone soil where it grows.  I also notice some slight vegetal or animal qualities?

What’s more, this wine is organic and uses only indigenous yeast!  No pesticides, no chemicals…only sulfur and copper.  For compost he uses leftover grape skins and stems from the wine production.  Left a nice sandy residue in my glass, making me think it might be unfined and unfiltered (and therefore vegan?) but I’ll have to confirm.

I believe you can tell if you will like a wine not just from flavor characteristics but texture…for me, I should have known that this cool vintage, harvested in late November, would give that high acid, light body, vegetal quality that I typically love about Pinot Noir.  Reminds me of the excellent Wind Gap Pinot Noir I had in Sonoma in September…

Pairs well with heartier vegetable dishes like beans;  Tomato-based dishes also will pair well with the high acidity.  I read one tasting note from Spain that said to pair it with horse meat, but I’ll skip that…

Overall a surprisingly easy to drink and expressive, light bodied red!




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